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Working to Understand Australia’s Sorghum Crop Wild Relatives

Crop wild relatives are a valuable source of genetic diversity that may be used to identify and utilise traits to increase plant growth and yield in the face of climate change. Our group are expanding our research into the role of cyanogenesis in plant growth and defence by analysing crop wild relatives of sorghum (CWR). … Continue reading

Lockdown EcoFizz Journal Club

We have all been impacted by the changes we’ve needed to make to our lives in order to keep our communities safe. But even though we’re locked out of our labs and greenhouses, there’s a few things we can still do together: so with a few changes, Journal Club continues as normal.  Started by our … Continue reading

Ecofizz at play

Back-to-back Howard Trust Award Success for Plant Science HDR students

PhD students in the Plant Ecophysiology and Cyanogenesis Group in the School of Biological Sciences have won the AW Howard Trust Memorial Postgraduate Research Fellowship two years running. The Trust aims to promote and support pasture research, and commemorates Amos Howard’s contribution to the use of subterranean clover as a pasture plant in Australia. The … Continue reading

Plants that kill

Ros Gleadow presented one of the first STEM Talks ® hosted by the Education Faculty National Science Week. These are designed to give the public an opportunity to hear from leading scientists from Monash University. They shared brief insights into the challenges they face when undertaking cutting edge STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) research. Each speaker told stories … Continue reading